28 Aug 2017

“The Ride NYC(ザ・ライド)” my Sep performance schedule

I will be a part of performance The Ride September 1 matinee 2 matinee(corporate RIDE by HIS) 3 matinne 7 night 9 matinne(corporate RIDE by HIS) , night 13 night 16 matinne(corporate RID... Read More
17 Aug 2017

BeatBox, Dance, and Body Performance Art!!

There is perfect chemistry between Dance, BeatBox, and Body Performance Art!! ビートボクサーのDaichiさん、コメディアン(ボディーアーティスト)のビックスモールンさんとコラボレーション的ゲリラ的パフォーマンスをしてみました! こうやって自分の芸一つで世界に挑戦しようとする姿を見て、改めて自... Read More
01 Jul 2017

im possible

Here comes July!!   I had a great time in June as always, I met new people, dancing everyday, and still alive.   Last month, I took audition that required some instrument skills. I never played dr... Read More